Shed Windows and More Beginnings


Shed Windows and More TeamShed Windows and More, Inc. was started by Theresa Slack in 2001 with the website being added in 2008, so Do-It-Yourself builders would have a website giving them access to the best materials to build a small building, such as a shed, playhouse, tree house, chicken coop, or deer stand and  find everything in one convenient place and at reasonable prices.

Shed Windows and More, Inc. offers a wide range of products at everyday low prices with shipping all across the USA and worldwide. Building materials such as, windows, hinges, shutters, vents, skylights, solar lighting, weathervanes and much more. We were dedicated from the beginning to provide the DIY builder with the finest materials and equipment to build their child’s dream swing set or play-set.

Craftsmanship, Quality & Service

Shed Windows and More, Inc. has also won the prestigious Camp Hill Best of the Year award two years running as a local business. We are a family-owned business helping other DIY builders create great DIY projects.

Our products have been seen multiple times on HGTV and the Discovery Channel and as part of various DIY shows, including and a show done about the Hobbit House of Montana, which is a very unique lodging facility.

Look no further for the materials you need to take your next project from an idea to finished project with the finest in craftsmanship. You can always count on Shed Windows and More, Inc.


Shed Windows and More Team

Theresa Slack-Founder

I started Shed Windows and More as way to fill a need for the average home owner to find the parts they needed specifically for building sheds or small barns. I saw a need for DIY builders to have access to the same quality and selection of windows that builders use for larger size sheds and barns sized for backyard sheds.

I also new that builders were looking for smaller scale windows at a reasonable price and great quality for building backyard sheds and barns for clients so I started Shed Windows and More. We supply both the DIY builder and contractors across the United States with a great selection of shed windows and accessories that they can count on to be delivered in a timely manner. Our builders don’t have to put in large scale bulk orders to get wholesale pricing like with other window suppliers, so we help them stay competitive in their pricing.

Shed Windows and More is a small family owned business and we love working with our customers to help them build their backyard shed, barn, chicken coop, or play set. We enjoy seeing the great finished products our customers and builders create and many of them send us photos of their finished projects that you will see on our website.

Most of our new products come from ideas that our small builders give us. We are always looking to add new products to the Shed Windows and More product line, so keep your suggestions coming.

When I’m not working at Shed Windows and More it’s my family, my dogs Molly & Abby, and time to relax with everyone I love that I appreciate the most. My favorite DIY project that my husband and I built was our grandson’s  play set complete with large fort on top. He loves his play set and has spent many enjoyable hours playing outside with friends in his fort.

When you visit to the Shed Windows and More warehouse you are greeted by our two receptionists Molly & Abby with wagging back ends, they are more then happy to accept any attention and treats you are willing to share. We consider them our good will ambassadors showing our customers just how pleased we are that they have visited Shed Windows and More.

Thomas Slack

I came on the to Shed Windows and More in 2008. I started because Theresa needed extra pair of hands and to needed help with technology. What I enjoy working at Shed Windows and More is being part of a family owned business that helps DIY builders and contractors build some really great projects.

I’m always looking for the next challenge that we can take on with Shed Windows and More and enjoy growing the bond between family as the business grows. Like everyone on our team, I build DIY projects from renovating an entire house, back yards, even build animal enclosures and sheds! We are a hands on type of family, if we don’t know how to do something we learn and it keeps each of us growing and learning along with our business.

My hobbies and interests are teaching martial arts to kids and working with individuals and small businesses on building websites, branding, logos, marketing and advertisements though Tag Multimedia, Inc..

My favorite DIY project was building a cat house for a friend. She had a lot of fairle cats where she lived and always found abandoned kittens. She would nurse them and find them good homes but the older ones you could not find homes for as easily. Since they spent a lot of time in her yard and she wanted them to have a warm place in the winter to hide and I helped her build a house with several ramps and levels. The roof lifted open so you can see down into it as well as one of the short walls to clean it. I used our 14×21 brown flush windows and hinges that she purchased online from us. It was a fun build and now the cats and kittens fill it up when they want a safe place to go.


James Slack

I came aboard Shed Windows and More after working in litigation for the past 15 years.  From a business that started from a garage to now, it’s amazing with hard work and having the great people on board how you can grow a company.  I am blessed to work the people and family here at Shed Windows and More.

I have not personally built an outdoor structure but hearing all the creative ideas that our builders and clients have created, gives me a personal goal to one day build my own structure that I could display. 

When I am not at work, I like to spend time with the family and friends.  I play basketball through our church, Beach Church in Myrtle Beach.