Pub Sheds a Fun New Trend

Pub Shed WindowsOne of the current homeowner trends is that of setting up a separate structure on your property to house beer and spirits,  a pub shed, so you can kick back and relax with friends.

Such structures, usually referred to as “pub sheds,” have sprung up on a growing number of private properties around the United States. Pub sheds vary in their amenities from plain, simple and very affordable to wildly fancy and very, very expensive.

Some pub sheds simply house bottles and flasks and are nearly indiscernible from a basement storage bin, while at an extreme, others have everything a modern pub or commercial bar might have, including high-end, polished wood bars, running water, flashing, colored lights, sound systems, climate control systems and televisions, along with tables, bar stools, sofas and chairs, in addition to art work on the walls.

Pub-sheds are easily set up, relatively  inexpensive — and often innovative retreats. On the other hand they can be elaborate and well stocked as any bar you might frequent.

Re-purposed Sheds Become Pub Sheds

Pub ShedA growing number of pub sheds are in fact re-purposed structures, that is, former sheds used to store tools or toys that were then given new life as private “pubs” complete with juke-boxes, flat-screen TV’s, leather-lined stools, chairs, framed photos and dart targets.
If a pub shed does not inspire you, re-purposing a largely unused tool-shed into another useful “habitat” might be a very good project for you. Depending on the size of the existing shed, you might morph the old shed into a writer’s quiet get-away, e.g., a reading or composing room, or into a laundry room, a DVD movie “theater,” or a yoga or meditation space.
In any case, while the trend is nearly explosive creation of pub sheds, imagination and a little bit of basic building knowledge can take your previous shed from utility shed to “pub shed” with just a little work and innovation.

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