The Finishing Touch-Shutters & Flowers Boxes


White Shutters & White Flower BoxShed Windows and More has sold shutters and flower boxes for years because we know they really add that something special to a shed, barn, or play house. We have shutters and flower boxes in a full variety of colors so you can really add a distinctive finish to your DIY project.

Window boxes and shutters add a cozy cottage look to backyard shed. When choosing accent colors for your shutters and flower boxes try to coordinate the colors with the accent colors you have used for your home if your home is nearby, so the overall look is pulled together.



Shutter & Flower Box Examples



We have included below some of the stock shutters and flower boxes our customers have chosen and also their customized finishes added to our stock shutters and flower boxes to inspire you with your next DIY project. DIY builders need to look no further since 2001 for the very best quality in shed and barn accessories, including shutters and flower boxes with Shed Windows and More.

Brown Shutters & Flower Box

Be sure if you are going to plant your flower box to support it well since wet dirt can be very heavy. You can use drip irrigation to your flower boxes or use a small catchment system that catches the rooftop water and slowly drips it to your plants below.