Creative Doghouse Ideas & Tips


Doghouse WindowsThinking about building a house for your dog? Your furry, lovable friend will need a house that will keep him warm, cozy and have enough space where he can relax and stay out of the elements. With careful planning and design, you can ensure your dog is comfortable and safe in his new dog house. Take a look at some of our examples of inspired doghouse designs that could be your next DIY project for your favorite pet.


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A few key tips to remember when planning your doghouse:

Doghouse WindowsPurpose: Be sure to define the main features of your doghouse before starting your DIY project:


  • Is your dog home a cute little spot for your pet to hang out in?
  • Does the doghouse need to keep him cool in the warm months and warm in the cool months?
  • Does your doghouse need to be a hidden gem in your home and blend in with your current décor?
  • Is this doghouse to be an indoor doghouse or an outdoor doghouse?

Doghouse WindowsSize: Bigger is not always better – keep in mind the size of your dog when selecting the size of your doghouse.

  • Dogs tend to feel more secure in a small spaces.
  • Your teacup poodle will be more comfortable in a smaller house rather than a dog mansion.
  • By choosing the appropriate size house, you will also ensure your pet will use its natural body heat to warm up the inside and stay comfy in the cold weather.


Doghouse WindowsIndoor Doghouse or Outdoor Doghouse: Dogs are typically categorized as indoor dogs or outdoor dogs. Your indoor doghouse can be something a little more cute and snazzy. It may need to fit in with your décor or need to be tucked neatly into an existing wall or bookcase. Indoor doghouses do not need to worry about the extreme temperature changes, most of us keep our homes a comfortable temperature. Your outdoor doghouse will other considerations such as, materials and placement, which we address below.

Location: Where will your dog house primarily be located? Is this doghouse an outdoor home?   Some considerations:

  • If this is an outdoor doghouse, you will want to carefully consider the sun when choosing the location of the home.
  • What about the wind? Will your dog house be in wind corridor
  • You will want to consider the rain and water drainage as well. Elevating your dog house just a few inches off the ground will help keep your pet dry.
  • Placement of your doghouse in proximity to your home should also be carefully considered. Lets’ be honest, your outdoor dog house may retain some unpleasant smells depending on your materials and venting. You will want to consider how close your dog house is to your home.
  • Remember, that dogs are pack animals and they enjoy being with their pack. If you place their home far away from the human family, your dog may be lonely and not want to occupy his home.

Doghouse WindowsMobile or Permanent Doghouse:
Along with location you will need to determine if you would like your doghouse to be mobile and to be able to moved anywhere in your yard or will the doghouse be permanent. This will be important when selecting the materials and also the design/style of the home.

Design/Style: What will the design an style of your website be?

  • Will your doghouse be a traditional 4 walls and a roof or something a little more elaborate?
  • Will your dog house have vents to allow more air circulation?
  • Many dog houses start with wood construction. Will you have a removable roof for easier cleaning?
  • If we are designing your indoor dog house, the location will often determine the style of the house. You can neatly tuck a dog house just about anywhere in your home. We love the doghouses that include an existing cabinet turned into a doghouse or a converted cabinet that perfectly fits your mini dog.

Doghouse DIY IdeasYour Dog’s Habits:   What are your dog’s habits?

  • Does your dog like to sunbathe in the sun?
  • Or maybe your lab enjoys sleeping up high.
  • Take into consideration your dog’s natural habits when thinking about the design of your dog house.   Will you need to create a higher platform that will allow your lab to climb up and enjoy the view?
  • Does your dog need a sunbathing deck just outside his house to lounge in the sun?

Bedding: Keeping your dog bedding clean and dry is critical to a healthy and better smelling dog house. Dogs are den animals and enjoy being in small den like atmospheres. Your dog will be much happier sleeping and relaxing on soft plush bedding in his perfect dog home.

DIY Doghouse IdeasThe sky is the limit when it comes to being creative with your dog house. Your dog house could look and be anything you can dreams up. Your doghouse could be a mini replica of your own home, down to the paint and trim, or look like a vintage camping trailer. Your doghouse can look like a firehouse or even a dog mansion. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to designing the perfect doghouse for your pet. Nothing is too much for man’s best friend.



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