Creating the Perfect Backyard Guest Shed


Double Pane WindowsIt’s always nice to have extra space to house friends and family during the holidays or just for weekend get-togethers and overnight stays. Also with high housing prices these days if your recent college graduate needs an in between place to stay while getting their career launched, a guest shed gives them the autonomy of their own place to call home. Consider converting a storage shed into a cozy guest shed fit for the finest of your guests! A guest shed will allow your guests plenty of privacy and comfort during their stay.


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Guest Shed Necessities

Converting a shed into a livable space, like a guest shed, requires a little more hardware as it needs to be comfortable and homey enough for your guests to stay the night in. This means proper insulation, ventilation, and lighting. Your guest shed will be most comfortable for your guests with insulation and drywall (as well as a waterproof roof!). They will also need windows for light and air flow. It is best to place windows on opposite walls from each other, as that will allow maximum air movement through the guest shed. Your guests will also require some form of electricity, so be sure that the placement of your shed in your yard allows for that. A skylight is a great way to add lighting to your shed as well and give a more light and roomy feel to a small guest shed.


Who Will Be Staying in Your Guest Shed?

She ShedsOnce you have the basic necessities taken care of, it is time for the fun part: making your guest shed cozy, comfortable, and cute! When considering the layout and decorating style of your shed, be sure to decide who you plan on staying most often in your shed. If you imagine your parents, your best college friend and her husband, or other couples to be staying frequently in your guest shed, then it is best to plan a layout with one mid-size bed. If you are envisioning that your friend’s kids are more likely to be staying in your guest shed, consider having two smaller twin size beds, or two futon style beds or bunk beds.


Choosing Your Decorating Style

Rustic Decorating Style:

A guest shed, because of its small size, is well suited to a rustic, cabin decorating style. You might leave the rafters of your guest shed exposed and choose natural tones for the paint on the walls. When choosing furniture, look for eclectic natural wood furniture that has been stylishly distressed. Consider picking up some antique furniture from a flea market and distressing it or stripping the paint from it yourself. Natural wood or faux wood floors paired with a chunky, textured rug look best with this style. Finish the look off with pastel toned quilted blankets and pillows for the bedding!

Modern Decorating Style:

If a more modern decorating style suits you best, consider choosing a dark accent color for one wall of your shed with a lighter companion color for the rest of the room. Go crazy with cool prints and colors for the bedding, rugs, and window coverings. Choose minimalistic and multipurpose furniture for the room, such as a couch futon that doubles as a bed, or a coffee table that has drawers for storage. You can also put modern floating shelves in this guest shed to display art or store a book collection.

Keep in mind that whatever decorating style you choose, you will want to have furniture that does double duty to save space. If you anticipate needing to be able to change the maximum occupancy of your guest shed frequently, it would also benefit you to choose furniture that is mobile and mutable, such as trundle beds, Murphy beds, or sleeper sofas.

Be sure to keep your guest shed stocked with activities for your guests! Store a diverse collection of books and board games in shelving or drawers that match your decorating style. If you are housing kids in your guest shed, have coloring books and other simple craft supplies set aside for them. This way, the guest shed won’t just be a bedroom for the kids but also a sanctuary that they can hang out in away from the adults.


Customize Your Guest Shed!

Double Pane WindowsMake your guest shed unique and unlike any place your guests have stayed before. This will make the DIY project more fun for you, and the final result will be more fun for your guests!

Many bed and breakfasts have sign in books; instead of having a book, why not have a whole wall devoted to your guests? Paint one wall of your guest shed with chalkboard paint, and leave chalk for your guests to sign in and write notes about their stay. You can also use this to leave customized notes for your guests when they get to their guest shed to settle in.

The guest shed doesn’t have to end at the shed walls! If your yard has the space for it, put in a patio with nice lawn furniture next to your guest shed. This idea works especially well if you have double french or barn style doors on your shed. Plant a garden of wildflowers, or any plant that grows well in your area, next to your patio for your guests to enjoy as they lounge outdoors.


Converting your shed to a guest shed is a fun DIY project that allows you more flexibility in using your space in your home. Part of home decorating is creating a nice space for you as well as any guests you might entertain, and having a guest shed enables you to have even more space for your guests. If you are not sure that your guest shed will get a lot of use by guests, why not use it for yourself? Just as you might use a spare bedroom in your house for an office or hobby room as well as an extra bed, you can set up your guest shed to double as a workspace or lounging area and a guest room.

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