Create Your Man Cave

A man cave is a great place to find solace. In essence, a man cave is a place that allows you to relax and focus on recreational activities that you love. Man caves can also double as great hosting spaces. Most of us don’t have extra rooms in our homes to devote to just one purpose, other than bedrooms and perhaps an office. If you find yourself hankering for a man cave of your own but without a space in which to put it, why not consider converting or building a shed for it?


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A shed solves many of the problems of putting a man cave in your own home. By installing your man cave in a shed, you get extra space for all that memorabilia (whether movies, music, or sports related) that you can’t display all over your living room or bedroom. You can also entertain at any hour without fear of disturbing others in your house. Your man cave will feel private and will serve as the perfect retreat when you need some guy time. Here are some shed-friendly ideas to create your own man cave:


Game Parlor:

Man CaveIf you like to entertain your guests with lots of physical games, then this man cave is for you! This man cave provides a hybrid of solo entertainment as well as group entertainment. You should be sure to allow for set up of games that are played standing, as well as games that require the use of a table and chairs. To allow for this, keep your man cave free of permanent seating that will take a lot of effort to move around.

Darts is a classic game for classic gentlemen, and a must for your game themed man cave. You can hang multiple dart boards on one shed wall to allow for multiple games to be played at once, or even for tournament style play. This is where having easy to move furniture is of best use in your man cave, as you will be able to clear space for your dart tournament quickly and easily.

He ShedMany games are played on a table, so you will want to have a decently sized collapsible table for your man cave, as well as comfortable but movable chairs. Shelving is key if you will be playing lots of table games. Repurpose some old, antique bookcases for an eclectic look, or go with the more modern box shelving. Make sure you have a variety of games for your guests, such as cards, poker chips, Scrabble, and perhaps even some fun pen and paper role playing games. A deluxe casino game set would be an excellent addition to this man cave.


Entertainment Haven:

Man CaveWhen you envision a man cave, what do you see? Perhaps a large flat screen TV, a sound system to make the local theater jealous, and luxurious reclining chairs? A man cave decked out with all the latest in visual entertainment technology is a great place to relax by yourself or with friends. For this man cave, more permanent seating like recliners and couches is appropriate. You want to be able to get comfy in this man cave.

If film is your entertainment of choice, consider decorating the walls of your man cave with framed posters of your favorite classic movies. If you will be entertaining, think about installing theater style seating arrangement so that your buddies in the back can still see the “silver” screen. Replace the classic minimalist theater chairs with squishy recliners for maximum comfort.

Are video games more your thing? This man cave can be adapted to suit a gamer’s needs just as well. Be sure to have lots of neat storage to keep your consoles and games safe and well organized. You might want to also consider some snack storage for those extended, midnight oil-burning gaming sessions.

Natural light is important for any shed, but you will also want to have heavy window coverings to prevent any glare on your TV. Power is also a big consideration for this kind of man cave, so be sure to place your shed accordingly on your property.


Sports Sanctuary:

Man CaveA classic man cave image – hosting game day with plenty of snacks, beer, and surrounded by sports memorabilia. Deck out this man cave with all of your sports jerseys, baseball cards, and that priceless hockey stick signed by Wayne Gretzky. Similar to the “Entertainment Haven,” this man cave will also require comfy seating and a big TV. Don’t forget plenty of table space for chips, dip, and other game day snacks, along with a mini fridge stocked with your favorite canned beers. This man cave can also serve as a great place to show off your or your kids’ sports trophies and medals.

Don’t forget to customize your man cave to your personal tastes! Depending on your interests, you might combine some of the ideas listed here, or come up with your own personal idea. Man caves are all about suiting your individual needs, so if nothing else, make it your own!

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