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Office ShedI love the idea of working from my home office. I can stumble into my office in my workout clothes, warm fuzzy slippers on my feet with a cup of coffee in my hand. I begin working this way with all the comforts of my own home. One problem. My home doesn’t have enough rooms or space for a home office. Sound like you? We’ve got you covered. Turn your outdoor shed into a  gorgeous home office. Storage sheds come in a variety of sizes and styles and most can be fixed up to offer you the interior comforts and additional functional space you need for a great home office.


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Choosing Your Shed

There are many types of sheds to consider, however we suggest choosing one that most resembles a house. Important things to remember when choosing your shed:

  • We love the idea of painting your shed to match your house. Your office shed will blend better as another building on your property rather than as an afterthought.
  • When choosing your shed, opt for one that has at least one or two windows. We all do better with natural light and no matter how many lights you put in your shed, you cannot duplicate the natural light. If you are using an existing shed with no window, you may consider installing a window or two.
  • We prefer a shed that has a traditional door rather than the fun barn door. A traditional door will help ensure you are warm in the cold months and cooler in the warm months.
  • Pick a shed that has ample standing room. You will want to be sure you can stand comfortably in your office/shed with room to spare above. If you are too cramped or the ceiling is too low, you may feel like you are stuffed into an “old shed” and not working comfortably in your new office.

Choosing Your Home Office Location

Office ShedWhen choosing the perfect spot for your home office take the sun into consideration. You may not have a lot of choices on where your shed is built, but if you do, we suggest looking to the sun first. Natural light will help keep your office warm and bright. Think about the proximity of your office to your home. Do you need to navigate over the river and through the woods to get back to your home or where your restroom is located. Think about a clear path from home to outdoor office. A clear path may not seem like a big deal, but think about frequent trips to your house for snacks and such.

Power is a big deal in your home office. You will want to consider where your power source is when choosing your spot for you shed.

Restyling Your Shed into a Home Office

First things first – Drywall! Exposed beams and wood can be dramatic and breathtaking in your oversized living room but in your shed, not so much. You will want to enlist the help of drywall professionals or get your DIY neighbor to help. We leave drywall to the professionals but its up to you. Before hanging the drywall, be sure you have your power and outlets figured out. Be certain to check with city building codes before moving ahead as you will want be sure your project is in compliance. Most cities and counties will allow up to a 10 x 12 foot shed without permits, but be sure to check first before getting your project underway.

Most readymade sheds come with plywood floor. Choosing a basic tile is both inexpensive and an easy install. Your local home improvement store will be a great source for easy install flooring. Just about anything will do in here.

Lighting is key! You have heard it time and time again…lighting is everything. This is especially true when working with a small space that you will be spending a lot of time in. Consider an overhead lighting system that will be sure to light up your space. Adding a table lamp or floor lamp will not only add more light but will also add warmth and serve as part of your décor.

Decorating Your Home Office

Office ShedsRemember this is no longer a shed. This is your new home office so decorate just like you would your home. When choosing functional furniture you will want to consider pieces that fit the space. Each piece should be functional but also feel good to you. You can quickly warm up your space by adding a colorful pillow to your chair or add a splash of color with your entryway rug.   Remember to make use of all your space including the walls. A great storage idea is run shelving around the top of one or two of the walls, tall enough for books and storage. This gives you additional storage without taking up space.  Adding family photos will add love and warmth to your space. Be selective when thinking about window coverings. Choose something simple that will allow you to enjoy the full window and light. Some blinds take up space in the actual window. We like the idea of a curtain that hangs just outside the window so you can enjoy the full window.

Turning your shed into a home office can be a simple cost effective process that will quickly give you more room and free up space in your home. You will be close enough to stumble to work in your PJ’s while also giving you privacy and a quiet work environment that is not your kitchen table. When you leave your office, you can take a quick walk home and enjoy the comforts of home while your business stays at the office.

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