Playhouses Equal Childhood Memories

Having a backyard playhouse for your child can become an important part of their childhood. Your child will develop some great memories and get a very special area to share with friends, but it can also benefit the parents! A playhouse that is separate from the house can give you plenty of quiet time while your child plays, and will help to keep your house clean. A playhouse provides a contained play area where your child can keep all or most of their toys and activities, keeping the common areas in the home free of a child’s mess! With a playhouse, your child can have the space they need to feel independent, while also being under your careful supervision. Here are some ideas for building a playhouse for your child, or renovating an existing backyard shed into a playhouse.

Location is Important

It may not seem so, but choosing an appropriate location for your child’s playhouse is critical! Especially if your child is young, you will want to build the playhouse close to the house and also in a location that is highly visible from the main rooms in your home. You will be happy that you can see your child at all times, and if they have any kind of emergency, you are not very far away. Keep in mind though that if your playhouse is very visible, you will also want it to fit in with your home architecture and landscaping so as to not be an eyesore.

If you have many sturdy trees in your yard, you might consider a treehouse instead of a land-based playhouse. What kid doesn’t dream about having a treehouse? This option can also provide you more yard space, if your yard is on the small side, for gardening and entertaining space.

If you decide against a treehouse and build your playhouse on the ground, make sure that you consider the terrain you are building on. If it is not flat, you can use stilts and cover the area under the playhouse with a lattice work. This will ensure that the building has enough support, and that guests can’t see the empty space under the playhouse.

Windows and Doors to Fit Playhouse Size

Here is an opportunity to really up the style factor of your child’s playhouse! This will be an especially fun project if you love the architectural style of the mini-castles on the Scandia mini-golf courses or, say, the It’s a Small World ride at Disneyland! Don’t forget that this is a child’s playhouse, so let your inner child designer come out and fear no whimsey while choosing windows and doors. Luckily, at Shed Windows & More we specialize in windows in hard to find shapes and sizes that are perfect for playhouses. Round and arched windows are perfect for creating a dollhouse quality for your playhouse.

Windows are very important in a playhouse as you will want your child and their friends to be comfortable in all weather and have enough light for all of their activities. Windows will provide plenty of ventilation for the summer months. You can also use windows to create cute, well lit areas for your children, like a reading nook with bay windows and a bench seat. This would make a great reading or napping spot for your child!

This is definitely a project to invest in shutters and flower boxes for. Complete your playhouse’s look with shutters next to your windows that match the color of the door! Specialty door hinges are also a great way to stylize your child’s playhouse. Choose hinges that match the style of door that you choose, for example, use antique decorative hinges on a natural wood barn door.

Many playhouse designs leverage the barn or dutch door design. Whichever style of door you choose, aim at a smaller proportioned door so that you keep the appropriate visual proportions for your playhouse. Nothing looks more silly than a playhouse for a child with a standard size house door! We have a new line of fiberglass doors for your playhouse needs. Fiberglass doors work great for playhouses because they are very durable and won’t rot, splinter, or warp. They are also very easy to paint, so you and your child can paint and repaint your playhouse door any whimsical color you would both like!

Electricity for Your Playhouse

You can choose whether you want your playhouse to have electricity or not. If you are unable to have complete wired electrical systems in your playhouse, you might consider a solar powered system, or just use a battery to power portable lights in the playhouse. Windows can provide plenty of natural light when it’s bright out, but when the dark and rainy days come, having a portable light in your child’s playhouse can really be a lifesaver!

Add a Garden to Your Playhouse

Playhouse WindowsYou can get by without a garden around your child’s playhouse… but what fun is that? A cute garden really completes the magical whimsey of a playhouse! If you included any trellises in your playhouse design, take this opportunity to plant some beautiful roses on it or any vine plant. Jasmine is a great choice because it is gorgeous and smells delightful, especially on those warm summer evenings.

Placing a picket fence around your playhouse is a great way to delineate space for the playhouse’s garden. You can even incorporate an archway, perhaps covered with wisteria, into the entrance to the playhouse. And don’t forget about the planter boxes under the windows!

Gardening is a great opportunity to bond with your child. Making a “fairy garden” for fairies to live in is a fantastic new trend in gardening, and will make gardening a fun activity for your children.

Be sure to check out all the windows, doors, and accessories that Shed Windows and More has for playhouses and we would love to see your finished DIY project photos!