Create Your Backyard Haven

She ShedsShe Shed: The perfect place to find calm, find a new hobby, or just find your old self. The she shed is a stress free female sanctuary where you can cuddle up and read a book, paint, sip tea or swirl wine all within the comforts of your own backyard. Typically made up of an unused potting shed or backyard small building or repurposed shed.

Look out He Sheds! The She Shed is on the rise and here to stay. Imagine being able to have a getaway with no travel time…Welcome to the She Shed. These backyard escapes are the all new trend and are here to stay. She Sheds are easy! They are simple to build and downright adorable. Take a look at some our favorite She Shed ideas.


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The She Shed as Sanctuary


She ShedsStep 1: Choose Your She Shed Shell

You may have an unused potting shed in your backyard or an old tool shed that no longer houses tools. Using what you have and a bit of imagination, you can create your personal sanctuary and get-a-way in your very own backyard. If you don’t have a shed just sitting around, you will need to find a shed that fits both your budget and your personality. You will want to choose a shed that is both inviting from the outside and the inside. See some our our favorite “old sheds” that we have included in our post.


Step 2: Choose Your Theme

The sky is the limit with this space that is all yours. Do you like to read? Do you want your She Shed to be a mediation sanctuary or does your inner artist need a place to create, shape and mold your works of art. The She Shed is yours and should reflect your most inner desires of comfort, relaxation and joy. Your She Shed could be packed with books and an overstuffed reading chair, overflowing with pillows and throw blankets. Your She Shed may be an elegant retreat where you sit amongst crystal chandeliers while you sip and swirl wines with your closest girlfriends.


She ShedStep 3: Go Shopping

Your She Shed will require the basics – a place to sit or lay or both! A couch, chair or bed is a must in your She Shed. Check out your local flea markets, garage sales or your best friend’s stuffed garage. Take your time in choosing the pieces that will best fit your space as well as your theme. Function and comfort are always important however, this is your unique space and the only thing that matters is that you like it! Think outside of the box and opt for an old trunk rather than a coffee table. Use an old door for a wall hanging rather than picture frames. Be creative, and remember this is YOUR SPACE and all about you.


Step 4: Choose Your Color Palette

Whether you are using an old potting shed or a new shed, you will want to choose your very own color palette and paint away. Ge to work painting both the inside and outside of your shed to make your space uniquely you.


Step 5: Move In

You have done your research, your shopping, your painting, and your building, now its time to move in and enjoy your very own stress free, quiet, calm, relaxing retreat in your own backyard.


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Some of Our Favorite She Sheds

She ShedsShe ShedsThis tiny She Shed is one our favorites. Its calm colors and one beautiful chair and pillows offers a quite retreat to read, chat on the phone or simply sip a cup of tea. Your She Shed doesn’t need to be a big space. It needs to be a YOU space.

The elegant, yet shabby chic She Shed offers an overstuffed comfy couch complete with flowing linens on the walls and white on white beauty from top to bottom.

We love the pop of color on the doors and trim that has turned this once drab outdoor shed into a warm and inviting She Shed. Notice the floors have been custom designed as well! The hydrangeas add a soft warm elegance and invite you right in. You’ll notice this photo as the beginning photo to our blog this month.

Our last selection looks a pagoda complete with mood lighting, making for a great escape.