Awning or Jalousie Windows for Ventilation

Awning or Jalousie windows are a great fit for ventilation for a barn, shed, greenhouse, playhouse, or chicken coop. Shed Windows and More has a great selection of awning or Jalouise Windows. Our customers have found Jalouise or awning windows application a simple way to add air flow in many building situations. Jalouise or awning windows are louvered windows that let in a goodly amount of air flow into a building. The louvers are locked together onto a track, so that they may be tilted open and shut in unison, to control airflow through the window.


Jalousie Windows-A Humid Climate Solution

Jalouise WindowsJalousie or awning windows allow ventilation through the entire window area and are used to maximize cooling and provide natural ventilation. They are well suited to locations with mild-winter climate sand summer humidity. Jalouise window applications are commonly used throughout the South, Florida, Southern California, and Hawaii. They can remain open during heavy rains and (because the glass louvers protrude outward) keep most of the rain from entering in through the windows.

Jalousie windows are also called louver,slated, awning, or glass crank-out windows. See some of our customers uses of Jalousie or awning windows and be inspired for your next DIY project.


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