Barn Sash Windows

Shed Windows and More has both PVC and wooden barn windows for window replacement in your barn or when building a new barn. Our traditional style barn sash windows are both high quality, maintenance free, and made with PVC compounds or wood.

The PVC barn sash window has equal sized stiles and top rail, with a traditional wider bottom rail. Then we added a mill work quality profiled glass rabbet on both the sash parts and bars. The sash is designed to be a true divided lite product utilizing individual panes of double strength glass for each lite.

The PVC barn sash windows were made for easy disassembly for easy glass replacement in your barn windows. Each stile and rail can be trimmed by up to 5/8″. Shed Windows and More traditional appearance barn sash windows incorporate modern assembly methods and are easy to maintain.

We are able to custom order sizes of the Shed Windows and More PVC barn sash windows, lead time is 4-6 weeks, please contact our customer service at 843-293-1820 for a personal price quote.


Wood Barn Sash Windows

Shed Windows and More traditional profile wooden barn sash windows come with a 2-3/8″ wide stiles and top rail, and the traditional wider 3-3/8″ bottom rail. The sash is designed so that the glass is installed in the assembly process with the bars to create a fastener free face for ease of staining or painting.

Shed Windows and More stocks the following sizes in PVC barn sash windows: 20″ x 25″, 22″ x 29″, 24″ x 29″, 31″ x 29″. The wooden barn sash can be custom ordered in different sizes, please contact customer service for a personal quote 843-293-1820
Lead Time for special orders 4-6 weeks.


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