Tree Houses-Every Kid’s Dream

Nearly every child has great memories of playing in a tree house, either their own or a friends. Tree houses are wonderful for children from 6 to their teen years and a tree house can grow as a child matures. The progression for many children is a playhouse and then a tree house when they are older. Look to Shed Windows and More for your best selection in tree house windows.

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Tree House Planning Tips

Tree House WindowsWe have also had customers who don’t have trees, make a structure that is two-story and is as much fun for their children as a tree house. To make sure your tree house stands the test of time there are some simple considerations to take in account when building a tree house:

  1. Choosing the right tree is very important. A tree should not be too young, it can’t withstand the weight, nor too old for the same reason and longevity.
  2. The best tree house trees are  apple, maple, oak, and firs, bay trees can also work.
  3. Look for strong sturdy branches and trunk, a tree with no disease and deep, well-established roots.
  4. Check with your planning department and neighbors since tree houses can usually be seen by neighbors unless you live way out in the country.
  5. For a 8′ by 8′ tree house you would want a tree to be at least 12′ feet in diameter. An easy way to determine diameter is to tie a string around the tree, measure it, and divide by 3.14 to get the diameter.
  6. Choose your design or design it yourself, having input from your kids is good so the finished tree house in one they have helped design.
  7. Decide your support method; post, bolt, or suspension, each have their advantages.
  8. Decide on the access method; rope ladder, standard ladder, or staircase.
  9. Make a decision on what to do with branches that interfere with the tree house design; incorporate them into the design or cut them off.
  10. Keep the ages of your children in mind when deciding on the height of the tree house, remember to include railing on both the deck and any staircase.

Happy building of your tree house and hopefully many years of enjoyment for your children will come from this project. Be sure to send us your finished tree house photos, we would enjoy including them in our gallery. Throughout all our pages the photos that are featured are photos of our wonderful customers creations.

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