DIY Supplies for Playhouse Building

Growing up nearly every child at one point wants their family to build a playhouse or fort. Great childhood memories happen playing make believe in a playhouse. Our customers have shared with us over the years some planning factors that help you build a playhouse that is safe and sturdy and able to withstand the hours of play that happens in a playhouse. Look to Shed Windows and More for your best selection for playhouse windows.

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Playhouse Planning & Building

Playhouse WindowsSome well thought out planning can really move your playhouse plans along and ensure that your finished playhouse is well suited to your children:

  1. Kids want to use a playhouse for a variety of play activities, to be sure that it is well suited to both boys and girls be sure to include elements both would enjoy.
  2. Remember that children from 3 to usually 9 or 10 are the main age groups that play in playhouses. For your playhouse to have longevity and suit both ends of the age spectrum be sure that sizing fits from 3 1/2 feet tall to 4 1/2 feet tall children. Keep this really in mind for roof, door, and counter height.
  3. Remember to make your child’s playhouse comfy both winter and summer, don’t forget the insulation and keeping the playhouse well ventilated.
  4. Make sure all surfaces are easy to clean, especially the floor.
  5. Ensure that your playhouse is safe for a wide range of ages by making corners on the inside of the structure rounded to help prevent accidents.
  6. Families move more often these days; make sure your house can be taken apart or will easily fit on a flatbed trailer to bring the playhouse to your new home.
  7. Above all build it strong and sturdy; in playing children open cabinets and doors hundreds of times, think wear and tear.
  8. Keep in mind kids like to climb and crawl; and outdoor slide from a second story or an inside slide down from a loft will bring hours of fun.


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