Shed & Barn Windows

Windows can either make or break the look of a shed or barn. Great looking shed windows can take a shed or barn from functional to a building that adds value and beauty to your property. There are a few important facts to take into account before pounds nails and putting up framing that can help your finished project turn out to fit your needs and get finished quicker.


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Designing Your Shed or Barn

Shed WindowsLets take a look at some questions that when answered will make the building of your shed or barn that much easier:

  1. What is the purpose of the shed or barn?
  2. If a shed, does this structure need to have year-round functionality? If so,  you need to be looking at ventilation and insulation.
  3. What is the minimum and maximum average temperatures in your area? This will guide you in choosing the proper ventilation and insulation.
  4. How much space do you have for the structure?
  5. Will neighbors be able to see the structure? If so have you gotten their input?
  6. In most counties a structure that is under 10′ x 12′ does not need a permit. Have you checked with your local planning department about what type of structure requires a permit and plans submitted?
  7. Do you want your shed or barn to be able to be reconstructed or moved at some point? This will make a difference in building plans and size.
  8. What type of foundation do you want? Piers and posts or poured foundation?
  9. How tall do you want your structure? What does your county allow?
  10. Will the shed or barn be one-story or two-story? It makes a difference in the depth of foundation and the framing materials.
  11. Will you want water or electricity to your shed or barn?
  12. How much use will the structure get? This will have to do with the durability of the hinges, doors, windows, and hardware you choose. It is best to over buy for quality so that repairs and maintenance is kept to a minimum.
  13. What do you want the pitch of the roof to be? Will there be gutters? Composition or shingle roof?
  14. Do you want to add flower boxes, weathervane, or shutters.
  15. What will be stored in the shed or barn? How large should the door opening be to easily accommodate movement in and out of the barn or shed?

We would enjoy seeing your finished shed or barn photos. Many of the photos contained within the pages of our website or in our gallery have been shared with us by our customers. We are inspired by their creativity.


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